Alistair Cooke – Director

Alistair Cooke

Why did you become an accountant?

The numbers. I am absolutely fascinated by numbers. Don’t give me words, pictures or videos, give me the numbers. The numbers tell the real story of a business, and I love finding out and helping shape what that story is.

What is your role within ASM?

I am one of the Directors with ASM Chartered Accountants and am based in Dungannon. Within that role I am ultimately responsible for all accounts and have a very hands on involvement with a range of clients doing everything from group audits to individual tax returns. On top of that and along with the other directors I contribute towards the strategic direction of the firm and get involved with marketing, PR and business development.

What role do ASM play for businesses in Dungannon?

For a lot of our clients we are their first port of call for advice and not just financial advice but advice for every aspect of their business. No matter what the issue, there is usually a financial issue in there somewhere whether that be employing a new member of staff or buying a new piece of machinery, and our clients usually talk to us first. We listen, we care and we give the best advice we can to all our clients. ASM are also very active in the local business community and support the local networking group, Up for Business, the local Rotary Club and regularly host information events that can help businesses with the issues they are facing.

When did you join ASM and what areas do you specialise in?

After becoming a Chartered Accountant in 1995 I joined ASM in 1999 and became a Director in 2006. I practice in all areas of accounting including audits, taxation, consultancy, IT accounting.