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ASM launches new advertising campaign

Accountancy is one of those sectors that rarely raises its head above the line in terms of advertising. That is not to say that we should shy away from reminding our customers what we do and how well we do it. This is why ASM has decided to launch an advertising campaign in Belfast city centre to help raise our profile.

The campaign is all about tone which is direct and human. Businesses choose accountants because they can bring real benefits at the right time – not just in terms of tax and financial efficiencies – but also because of the advice and insight they bring to the entire business process.

Based on this, ASM’s new strapline is:

ASM – Business advice when it counts

We also have three key messages to communicate:

  • Access to senior and experienced professionals 
  • Commercial challenges met by a highly skilled team
  • Supporting growth wherever you are

Our billboards and other forms of advertising will be appearing over the next few months – keep your eyes peeled for them.